NEW EMD Prime Movers

By now you have probably heard about our Tsunami2 EMD-2 Digital Sound Decoders that give you 8 new prime mover selections to choose from. These are additional decoders to the Tsunami2 line and will not replace the current Tsunami2 EMD Digital Sound Decoders. Listen to the new EMD prime movers right here!

You can also visit the Tsunami2 Diesel Sound Samples page to hear all of our Tsunami2 Diesel Prime Movers and Airhorns.

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SoundTraxx brings new dimensions in digital sound technology to your model railroad. Regardless of your scale or prototype, we have a sound system for you!

If you are unfamiliar with our products, we recommend you visit Choosing the Right Sound System first.

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Customer Comments:

  • Our Support
    “George, Thank you for your time. I have downloaded the [competitor's] manual and programmed it according to directions. And have to say their manual is no where near as helpful as yours. And then I verified that the correct numbers were in there, and it still does not work. Since this is a new purchase of the locomotive I have contacted [the locomotive manufactured]. Because as far as I can tell [the decoder manufacture] really doesn't have support, they direct you to forms. And I tried to find WEB support and couldn't find it. I will say this I will never purchase a product again that has [that] decoder... And I will say you have been very helpful and I would not hesitate to purchase a locomotive that has your decoders in it. ”
    -Again Thank You Richard
  • Competition Comparison 1
    ““I have been a big [competitor's] fan, but after working with the Tsunam2 decoders for a while now, I am convinced they are the absolute top of the group out there. They have much clearer sound files than the [competition] in my opinion.”
  • Competition Comparison 2
    “ I was a hard-core [other decoder brand] guy and while I still like and use their products (mostly...with my European trains) you have showed me that the T2 is more than a worthy competitor to the [decoder] when used with North American models. [The other decoder] does have a nice independent brake but they have nothing that compares to your DDE. As a former audio engineer I will also say that the amplifier you are using in the T2 seems to produce more volume and with much less distortion...
    - Paul G Detroit, MI

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