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DCC Accessories

The following accessories are designed to facilitate your sound decoder installation, testing and programming.

Part No. Description Price
829001 Decoder Test Kit $3.00

The Decoder Test Kit provides all the parts and instructions you need to test your decoder prior to installation.

829002 PTB-100 Programming Track Booster $59.95

This device facilitates programming as well as gives some comforting feedback during the programming process.
For more information see our Programming Track Booster page.

810140 CurrentKeeper™ $24.95

This 40mm x 6mm x 11mm DCC Accessory maintains power to the decoder for up to 10 seconds during electrical interruptions. See it on YouTube


Wiring Aids

SoundTraxx carries a number of items designed to make wiring your sound systems easier.  Many are intended to help make your installations neat - remember, a neat installation is a happy installation! Additional items that are suitable for use with all sound systems, such as speakers, can be found linked in the sidebar.

Part No. Description Price
810012 2-Pin Microconnector Kit $3.50
These 2-pin connectors allow locomotive wiring to be quickly disconnected for easier painting and servicing. This Kit includes a 2-pin connector set, 6" of red wire, 6" of black wire, and four pieces of heat-shrink tubing.
810036 Insulative Tubing $3.00
This contains 24" of 24awg insulative tubing for covering exposed component leads and wires.
810037 Shrink Tube Assortment $6.00
The Shrink Tube Assortment provides 6" each of 1/16", 3/32". 1/8" and 1/4" diameter tubing, perfect for insulating your solder connections. 
810038Exhaust Cam Set $10.00
A quick and easy way to install cams for cam-synchronized exhaust. For use with all SoundTraxx Steam Digital Sound Decoders with a cam output.
810058 Mini Microconnectors $9.00
These tiny connectors are useful between the locomotive and tender for easy disconnect. Package of ten 0.025" diameter pins and mating receptacles.
810068Replacement Tsunami Speaker Harness, Steam $5.50
Replacement 3-wire to JST, speaker and cam harness for steam sound decoders.
810069 Replacement Tsunami Power Harness, Steam and Diesel$10.00
Replacement 9-wire to JST Power harness for all TSU-1000 digital sound decoders.
810091 Replacement Tsunami Speaker Harness, Diesel$5.50
Replacement 2-wire to JST, speaker harness for diesel sound decoders.
810123NMRA-Compatible 8-Pin Connector $6.50
This set of four 8-pin connectors is designed to facilitate wiring in locomotives equipped with a DCC-ready socket.
810128 Tsunami 220µF Replacement Capacitor $0.75
This 220µF capacitor helps keep power to the decoder while going over dirty track, switches, or other momentary power losses. For use with decoders that use an external capacitor assembly such as the TSU-1000.
810132 DBX-9000 Locomotive-to-Tender Wiring Kit$14.95
A quick-disconnect harness assembly for separating the locomotive from the tender.
810135 9-Pin JST to NMRA 8-Pin Wiring Harness $5.95
This harness easily converts TSU-1000 digital sound decoders to a plug and play decoder for use with models equipped with an NMRA 8-pin socket.

Lighting Products

These lightbulbs are perfect for replacements or for taking advantage of the Hyperlight lighting effects in our Digital Sound Decoders.

Part No. Description Price
8100231.3mm Microbulb Six-Pack$13.50
1.3mm (0.051) diameter, 1.5 volt, 15mA microbulbs for use as bulb replacements for additional Hyperlight effects for all SoundTraxx decoders.
810025 2.1mm Microbulb Six-Pack$13.50
2.1mm (0.083) diameter, 1.5 volt, 35mA microbulbs for use as bulb replacements for additional Hyperlight effects for all SoundTraxx decoders. Ideal as large diameter HO headlights (F-units, steam engines) and O scale models.
8101333mm LED Six-Pack, Sunny White$11.95
3mm (0.12) diameter, 3.3 volt, Sunny White LED for adding Hyperlight effects or as bulb replacements.
8101343mm LED Six-Pack, Golden White$11.95
3mm (0.12) diameter, 3.3 volt, Golden White LED for adding Hyperlight effects or as bulb replacements.