SoundTraxx Installation Accessories

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DCC Accessories

The following accessories are designed to facilitate your sound decoder installations, testing and programming.

Decoder Test Kit
829001 $3.00
This kit provides all the parts and instructions you need to test your decoder prior to installation. 
PTB-100 Programming Track Booster
829002 $59.95
This device facilitates reliable programming of Digital Sound Decoders and provides short circut detection. For more information, see our Programming Track Booster page.
810140 $24.95 CurrentKeeper Installation Instructions:
This 40mm x 6mm x 11mm DCC accessory maintains power to the decoder for up to 10 seconds during electrical interruptions.
See it on YouTube.


Wiring Aids

We offer a number of items designed to make wiring your sound systems easier.  Many are intended to help make your installations neat (a neat installation is a happy installation). Additional items that are suitable for use with all sound systems, such as speakers, can be found linked in the sidebar.

2-Pin Microconnector Kit
810012 $3.50
These 2-pin connectors allow locomotive wiring to be quickly disconnected for easier painting and servicing. This kit includes a 2-pin connector set, 6" of red wire, 6" of black wire, and four pieces of heat-shrink tubing.
Insulative Tubing
810036 $3.00
This package contains 24" of 24awg insulative tubing for covering exposed component leads and wires.
Shrink Tube Assortment
810037 $6.00
This assortment includes 6" each of 1/16", 3/32", 1/8" and 1/4" diameter tubing for insulating solder connections. 
Exhaust Cam Set
810038 $10.00
This set offers a quick and easy way to install cams for cam-synchronized exhaust. For use with all SoundTraxx Steam Digital Sound Decoders with a cam output.
810058 $9.00
These tiny connectors are useful between the locomotive and tender for easy disconnection. Package of ten 0.025" diameter pins and mating receptacles.
Replacement Tsunami Speaker Harness, Steam
810068 $5.50
Replacement 3-wire to JST speaker and cam harness for steam sound decoders
Replacement Tsunami Power Harness, Steam and Diesel
810069 $10.00
Replacement 9-wire to JST power harness for all TSU-1000 Digital Sound Decoders
Replacement Tsunami Speaker Harness, Diesel
810091 $5.50
Replacement 2-wire to JST speaker harness for diesel sound decoders
NMRA-Compatible 8-Pin Connector
810123 $6.50
This set of four 8-pin connectors is designed to facilitate wiring in locomotives equipped with a DCC-ready socket.
Tsunami 220µF Replacement Capacitor
810128 $0.75
This 220µF capacitor helps keep power to the decoder during momentary power losses. For use with decoders that use an external capacitor assembly, such as the TSU-1000.
DBX-9000 Locomotive-to-Tender
Wiring Kit
810132 $14.95
Use this quick-disconnect harness assembly for separating the locomotive from the tender.
9-Pin JST to NMRA 8-Pin Wiring Harness
810135 $5.95
This harness easily converts TSU-1000 Digital Sound Decoders to plug and play decodera for use with models equipped with an NMRA 8-pin socket.


Lighting Products

These microbulbs and LEDs are perfect as bulb replacements or for adding Hyperlight lighting effects to our Digital Sound Decoders.

1.3mm Microbulb 6-Pack
810023 $13.50
1.3mm (0.051”) diameter, 1.5V, 15mA
2.1mm Microbulb 6-Pack
810025 $13.50
2.1mm (0.083”) diameter, 1.5V, 35mA

Ideal as large-diameter HO headlights (e.g., F-Units, steam engines) and for O-scale models
3mm LED 6-Pack, Sunny White
810133 $11.95
3mm (0.12”) diameter, 3.3V, Sunny White
3mm LED 6-Pack, Golden White
810134 $11.95
3mm (0.12”) diameter, 3.3V, Golden White