SoundTraxx Decoder Selector

Welcome to the SoundTraxx Decoder Selector! This section will assist you in selecting the correct decoder and bill of materials for installing a SoundTraxx Tsunami Digital Sound Decoder in your locomotive. Simply click on the scale of your locomotive, then the manufacturer, and finally your specific model. Please note: Models with the initials "NA" listed under the speaker/baffle column come with a factory-installed speaker and baffle. Models that have "Not Available" listed under the speaker/baffle column require a speaker or baffle that we don't currently offer.

We have also added Application Notes with some of our decoder recommendations. These are ranked by difficulty level and provide step-by-step instructions for installation, as well as a comprehensive bill of materials. Model descriptions highlighted in blue indicate a link to an Application Note. This is an ongoing improvement, so if you don’t see an Application Note for a particular model, please check back from time to time.

For more information regarding decoder installations, please contact our Support Staff.