TSU-IM1000 Digital Sound Decoder

Plug and Play Digital Sound Decoder for InterMountain HO Diesels
We have developed a Digital Sound Decoder designed specifically for recent production InterMountain HO diesels. There is no need to shoehorn larger decoders or use those close-but-not-quite board formats. Now you can have the best digital sound in those InterMountain diesels! Tsunami provides waves of pure 16-bit digital sound that will delight your senses; with effects so amazing you won't believe your ears. These Digital Sound Decoders are designed to replace the light board that comes in InterMountain HO diesel engines. Since Tsunami comes with 16 airhorns appropriate to the prototype, no special software or programmer is necessary to achieve the absolute best sound available!

Tsunami is unsurpassed in its technological capabilities with its sound features being matched only by the superior motor control and brilliant lighting effects. A 32-bit digital signal processor provides the necessary horsepower Tsunami needs to support a multitude of functions, sound effects, and advanced motor control features.

BIG Sound Features

Tsunami diesel decoders can produce over 14 sound effects, including engine startup and shutdown, engine prime mover through all eight notches, bell, airhorn, air compressor, dynamic brakes, radiator fans, brake squeal and more.

Tsunami goes several steps beyond ordinary sound generators. Tsunami is so powerful that it comes with its own special effects processors -- the Equalizer, Sound Mixer and Reverb. It's like having a complete sound studio at your fingertips!

Brilliant Lighting Effects

Tsunami includes four outputs for our Hyperlight™ lighting effects to reproduce the most popular warning beacons. A special added feature -- hardware is already on the circuit board to accommodate the use of LEDs without the need for external resistors.

Advanced Motor Control

We have designed Hyperdrive™ technology into the decoder, resulting in smooth and precise locomotive operation. Hyperdrive includes many features, such as high-resolution speed steps, high-frequency PWM drive, and torque control, all designed to improve the running characteristics of your locomotive.

Prototypical Operation

With the press of a key on your DCC controller, you can blow horns, ring the bell, and activate lighting effects. The more functions your controller has, the more fun you'll have!

Sound Samples

Select the links below to play a sound sample.

P.N. Description
828070 TSU-IM1000 EMD 567
828071 TSU-IM1000 EMD 645 (Turbo)
828074 TSU-IM1000 GE GEVO-12 (ES44AC/DC)

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