Tsunami Digital Sound Decoder Sound Samples

Welcome to the SoundTraxx Tsunami Preview! We know you can't wait so here are just a few small samples of what you can expect from a Tsunami Digital Sound Decoder!

Keep in mind that the reproduction of the sound will not have the fidelity of the sounds you will hear from your SoundTraxx sound systems. The files have been compressed and kept deliberately small for quick downloading. You may also notice slight overall volume differences depending on your computers sound card and the speaker being used.

These sound files are the property of SoundTraxx (Throttle Up!) and are not to be used for any reason other than your personal listening pleasure. These recordings are protected by Federal Copyright law. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction or duplication of these recordings is prohibited by federal law and is subject to criminal prosecution. © Throttle Up! Corp. 1998-2013.

In the player below, find the part number or use the description to locate the sound you wish to hear. Click on the icon under 'sound files' to play.  You will need Adobe flash player.

CLICK on the sound title you would like to listen to!

Steam Sound Demos
Light Steam
Medium Steam
Heavy Steam
D&RGW K-Class
Southern Pacific Cab Forward
D&RGW C-Class
Light Logging

Steam Whistle Sound Samples
Baldwin Class B-4G, Consolidation 2-8-0
Baltimore & Ohio 3-Chime
C-19 #340 (Road Mix)
C-19 #340 (Yard Mix)
Colorado & Southern #74, (Road Mix)
Colorado & Southern #74, (Yard Mix)
Colorado & Southern #801
Crosby 3-Chime
D&RGW Single Chime
ETW&NC (“Tweetsie”)
Frisco #1522
K-27 #463
K-36 #487
K-36 #488
K-36 #489
K-37 #497
Lehigh Valley
Lunkenheimer 3-Chime
Nathan 5-Chime (Road Mix)
Nathan 5-Chime (Yard Mix)
Norfolk & Western #1218
Norfolk & Western Class J No. 611
Pennsylvania Railroad Banshee
Reading 6-Chime
Santa Fe Freight
Southern Pacific 6-Chime
Southern Pacific #4449 (Whistle)
Southern Pacific #4449 (Airhorn)
Southern Railway Single Chime
Southern Railway 3-Chime
Union Pacific #4018
USRA 6-Chime
Westside Lumber Co. Shay #12
Westside Lumber Co. Shay #14

Diesel Prime Mover Sound Demos
EMD 567 (EMD 1st Generation)
EMD 567D Turbo
EMD Dual 567 (E Units)
EMD 645 (EMD 2nd Generation)
EMD 645 Non-Turbocharged
EMD 710 (EMD 3rd Generation)
EMD 710 G3C-T2 (SD70 ACe)
ALCO 244
ALCO 539 Turbocharged
ALCO 539 Non-Turbocharged
ALCO 251 12-Cylinder
ALCO 251C Supercharged
ALCO 251 16-Cylinder
Dual GE FDL-16
GE FDL-16 Modern
GE Gevo-12
GE Cummins Diesel Switcher
Baldwin VO
Baldwin 608NA
Baldwin 608A Turbo
Cummins QSK19C x3 (GenSet)
Galloping Goose No.5
Union Pacific Turbine

Diesel Airhorn Sound Samples
Aahooga Horn
Holden M3H
Holden K5H
Leslie A125
Leslie A200
Leslie A125/A200 Combo
Leslie RS3L
Leslie RS5T
Leslie S2M
Leslie S3L
Leslie S5T
Modern Auto Horn
Nathan K3L
Nathan K3LA
Nathan K5LA
Nathan M3
Nathan M5
Nathan P3
Nathan P5 (Early)
Nathan P5 (Late)
Nathan P5A
Nathan K5HL
Nathan K5LLA
Wabco A2
Wabco E2
Hancock Air Whistle