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Tsunami2 Software Version 1.2 Update

Bring more realism to your layout than ever before with our amazing new diesel features!

New Software Version 1.2 Diesel Features:

  • Prime Mover Pitch Shift
  • Auxiliary HEP Generator
  • Straight-to-Idle
  • True-Idle

New Tier 4 Specific Features:
New GenSet Specific Features:
  • Cummins QSK19C x 3 Prime Mover Sounds
  • Individual polyphonic sound channels for
    all 3 prime movers
  • Unique volume & alternate mixer controls
    for each prime mover
  • Correct Blower Motor Fan Sounds
  • Dynamic Braking supported for “GenSet II” type locomotives

New GTEL Specific Features:

Diesel Features

Tsunami2 diesel sound decoders are full of new features including over 50 sound effects including engine startup and shutdown, engine prime mover through all eight notches, Straight-to-8, HEP mode, 13 bells, over 40 airhorns, 4 air compressors, dynamic brakes, radiator fans, brake squeal, and more!

  • Each diesel version (EMD, GE, etc.) contains up to 9 manufacturer specific prime movers (Turbo, Non-turbo, etc.)
  • First ever Diesel Dynamic Digital Exhaust (DDE) for a more authentic operating experience
  • Startup, shutdown and exhaust through 8 notches
  • Automatic or manual notching
  • Functioning dynamic brake with variable load sound and adjustable braking rate
  • Over 40 air horns
  • Selectable compressors, bells, and couplers
  • First ever Fireman Ed is ready to work on the locomotive, with general service, cab sounds and more!
  • Clickety-clack, fueling, and authentic cab chatter add realism
  • Prototypically correct HEP modes and steam heat for authentic passenger train operations

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