Tsunami2 TSU-21PNEM install in a HO Athearn FEF-3 Northern

Learn how to install a Tsunami2 TSU-21PNEM in an Athearn HO FEF-3 Locomotive. George walks you through the installation and we have a step-by-step installation guide (click below). Then used our CV Adjustments to match the real thing!

Tsunami2 Steam Sound Selection
SoundTraxx Ditch Light Tutorial
Tsunami2 Dynamic Brakes
Tsunami2 Momentum & Braking
Tsunami2 Gas Turbine Electric Features
Tsunami2 Steam Features
Tsunami vs. Tsunami2 DDE
Tsunami2 New Tier 4 Features
TSU2 for ScaleTrains.com SD40-2
TSU2 Gas Turbine Electric Sounds
TSU2 GenSet Sounds
TSU2 Sounds for Challenger Locos
TSU2 TSU-21PNEM Install
TSU2 Diesel DSD Introduction
TSU2 TSU-PNP Time-Lapse Install
TSU2 Diesel DDE Calibration