Tsunami Feature Highlights

Did you know that our Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders include many built-in features designed to help your model railroad operate as realistically as possible?


Did you know . . . Your Tsunami has a 7-band equalizer?

Tsunami’s 7-band Equalizer (EQ) allows you to fine-tune sounds to create distinct locomotive “personalities,” and optimize the speaker’s frequency response to enhance your favorite sounds. Using the EQ, you can cut and boost sound levels by +/- 12dB over seven selected frequency ranges!

Quick Tips:
  • Use CVs 154 through 160 to adjust band levels in a manner similar to the “slider control” on a home stereo graphic equalizer. Adjusting each level closer to the speaker’s capabilities will increase the volume significantly above the master volume control.

  • For detailed programming information, refer to pages 36-38 in the Tsunami Steam Sound User’s Guide or pages 35-37 in the Tsunami Diesel Sound User’s Guide.

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