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Tsunami2 is now available in an additional format, the TSU-21P NEM. This is a 1-Amp digital sound decoder with six function outputs, and it is available in steam, diesel and electric versions in order to bring a variety of models to life! Click below for more details.

The Next Game Changer is Here!

SoundTraxx continues our legacy of game-changer products with Tsunami2, a brand new line of digital sound decoders that have more sounds, smoother operation, and some completely new features to enhance your model railroad experience. The keyword is "operation", with three prototypical braking methods, the best-ever Dynamic Digital Exhaust for both Steam and Diesel versions, and oodles (yes, oodles!) of great new sounds and effects. From the first DCC sound decoder, to the first Functional Brake, Equalizer -and a whole lot more- SoundTraxx has been leading the way in sound for your railroad for over 25 years. Click here to learn more about Tsunami2!

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Check out some of the Tsunami2 amazing new diesel features in the video below!

Welcome to SoundTraxx!

SoundTraxx brings new dimensions in digital sound technology to your model railroad. Regardless of your scale or prototype, we have a sound system for you! We have been designing and manufacturing the latest in state-of-the-art sound systems for the discriminating model railroader since 1990.

If you are unfamiliar with our products, we recommend you visit Choosing the Right Sound System first.

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