Discontinued Products

Once a product has been discontinued SoundTraxx will continue to offer repair services for up to two years.

Discontinued Decoders
Product Type Discontinuation Date
Econami ECO-400 Digital Sound Decoders July 2017
Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders March 2016
Econami Electric Digital Sound Decoders June 2016
Econami ECO-PNP Steam Digital Sound Decoder June 2016
TSU-K27 Digital Sound Decoder May 2013
TSU-C19 Digital Sound Decoder May 2013
TSU-4664N Digital Sound Decoder May 2013
LC Series Sound Decoders July 2009
DSD-150 / DSX* May 2008
Sierra Sound System May 2008
S220 & D220 December 1998
DSD 2408 December 1996

Please Note:

Manuals and support documentation for select discontinued products can be found here.