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SoundTraxx Customer Comments:

  • Tsunami2 Experience
    I was just at Train Shack in Burbank and Todd told me he just got in a pair of Santa Fe F7's with new Tsunami 2. I had to try them out! They SOUND AWESOME!!!! SO LOUD TOO!!!

    It was originally programmed with a single note horn, wrong for the 5-chime the engine used. BUT THEN I SWITCH TO the LESLIE RS5T and THAT IS THE SOUND THAT AL AND I REMEMBER AND HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!!

    Also just simply going back and forth on a test track with factory settings no momentum or brake set up it's SOOOOO much better than the functions of the T1!
    - Started up with the alarm bell like real!
    - First speed step I heard the brake release!
    - It accelerated with the right sound and the prime mover sounded great!
    - Horn was just like I remember!
    - Even just slowing it down without the brake set up it felt and sounded real!
    - I hit emergency stop and it DIDN'T shut it down, but you good hear the air dump! PERFECT!

    Really great job!!!"

    -Ken J. Johnson, Hollywood Sound Designer
  • Motor Control
    “I am so impressed with the results that you can achieve with both sound and motion from the Tsunami 2 decoders and I'm totally having fun with them, thank you Soundtraxx for your top quality products." ”

  • Why Try Tsunami2?
    "Thank you for replying to my email and so prompt. I’m a little slow to reply back but yes buy all means you may use what I wrote I just wish that I could put in words my excitement on the T2 not just motor functions but lighting also. Since I have wrote you I have ordered three more decoders if that gives you any idea how excited I am.

    All I can say is I see a lot of people on you tube saying they are going to covert over to [another decoder] I have some [of those decoders] and I constantly forget if I have F9 on or off and always having incidents but with T2 no matter what you turn on, throttle and engine respond to it not sound only. With T2 you can run with DDE in auto or manual or combination of the two or not at all, the old saying have your cake and eat it to applies.

    For those who haven’t yet tried T2 you owe it to yourself to try it and make your own decision."

    -Best regards,

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