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SoundTraxx DCC Myths webinar

CVs, DCC Myths & more!
Date: March 21, 2019
Time: 11:00 AM Mountain Standard Time
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In this Webinar, we’ll look into some of the myths of DCC and where they came from. We’ll also jump into detail about programming CVs with some examples. And we’ll cover how the different DCC systems operate and what that means to you.

We will also look at some troubleshooting techniques and other common things to know when using SoundTraxx products. Of course, there will be a Q&A Session at the end to help answer your questions on these topics

We talk a lot about our Digital Sound Decoder lines (Tsunami2 and Econami) for model trains, but did you know that SoundTraxx has a full line of accessories to assist you in easy sound installations? We carry everything from speakers, baffles, and gaskets to wiring aids such as harnesses, connectors, and LEDs.

SoundTraxx Customer Comments:

  • Tsunami2 Experience
    I was just at Train Shack in Burbank and Todd told me he just got in a pair of Santa Fe F7's with new Tsunami 2. I had to try them out! They SOUND AWESOME!!!! SO LOUD TOO!!!

    It was originally programmed with a single note horn, wrong for the 5-chime the engine used. BUT THEN I SWITCH TO the LESLIE RS5T and THAT IS THE SOUND THAT AL AND I REMEMBER AND HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!!

    Also just simply going back and forth on a test track with factory settings no momentum or brake set up it's SOOOOO much better than the functions of the T1!
    - Started up with the alarm bell like real!
    - First speed step I heard the brake release!
    - It accelerated with the right sound and the prime mover sounded great!
    - Horn was just like I remember!
    - Even just slowing it down without the brake set up it felt and sounded real!
    - I hit emergency stop and it DIDN'T shut it down, but you good hear the air dump! PERFECT!

    Really great job!!!"

    -Ken J., Hollywood Sound Designer
  • Customer Support
    “I sure do appreciate all of the help. I have 4 more old DC locos and they will all host Soundtraxx decoders. Your knowledge and sales support sets you apart from the rest.”

    -David C, Arlington TX
  • Tsunami2 Motor Control
    "Dear sirs just thought I’d run a couple of my thoughts your way. I purchased a Atheran Genesis GP38-2 a while back it came with the new tsunami2 decoder. I have serval Genesis locomotives but all of them have older tsunami decoders. I must say While I always thought you had the best sound they lacked in motor performance.

    NO MORE tsunami2 has as good if not better motor control than their competitor. I love the slow speed right out of the box and the {for lack of better words} full throttle features while never losing control of your loco. It is top notch, not to mention the new brake options /independent/train and dyno... Kudos for making the Tsunami2 it’s great oh buy the way {don’t hear it much anymore} proudly made in the USA."

    - THANK YOU ,

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SoundTraxx brings new dimensions in digital sound technology to your model railroad. Regardless of your scale or prototype, we have a sound system for you!

If you are unfamiliar with our products, we recommend you visit Choosing the Right Sound System first.

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