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Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoders are packed full of revolutionary, SoundTraxx exclusive features. Dynamic Digital Exhaust is one of the most innovative features in Tsunami2. It allows for the automatic adjustment of the volume and engine RPM schedule to simulate the locomotive producing a range of power during operation. This will allow the decoder to produce more prototypical engine responses when encountering changes in both grade and number of cars, during operation.

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SoundTraxx Customer Comments:

  • SoundTraxx Experience
    "Thank You George for your time spent giving my Wife and I a tour of the SoundTraxx facility today. Its not often this day and age when one finds a company such as SoundTraxx that makes the time to spend with a customer as you did. The ideas and insight you gave me is invaluable and very much appreciated. Thank You again George."

    -Mel J., CA
  • Customer Support
    I sure do appreciate all of the help. I have 4 more old DC locos and they will all host Soundtraxx decoders. Your knowledge and sales support sets you apart from the rest.

    -David C, Arlington TX
  • Tsunami2 Motor Control
    "Dear sirs just thought Id run a couple of my thoughts your way. I purchased a Atheran Genesis GP38-2 a while back it came with the new tsunami2 decoder. I have serval Genesis locomotives but all of them have older tsunami decoders. I must say While I always thought you had the best sound they lacked in motor performance.

    NO MORE tsunami2 has as good if not better motor control than their competitor. I love the slow speed right out of the box and the {for lack of better words} full throttle features while never losing control of your loco. It is top notch, not to mention the new brake options /independent/train and dyno... Kudos for making the Tsunami2 its great oh buy the way {dont hear it much anymore} proudly made in the USA."

    - THANK YOU ,

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