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Wouldn’t you like to have awesome sound and features in all of your locomotives? The ECO-PNP easily replaces the factory-installed light board in many models. With Econami enjoy over 40 prototypical diesel sounds, Hyperdrive2 advanced motor control, and 6 lighting functions all for a budget-friendly price!

Tsunami2 and Consisting

Learn how you can use consisting and Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoders to bring even more realism to your operations!

SoundTraxx Customer Comments:

  • Tsunami2 Experience
    I was just at Train Shack in Burbank and Todd told me he just got in a pair of Santa Fe F7's with new Tsunami 2. I had to try them out! They SOUND AWESOME!!!! SO LOUD TOO!!!

    It was originally programmed with a single note horn, wrong for the 5-chime the engine used. BUT THEN I SWITCH TO the LESLIE RS5T and THAT IS THE SOUND THAT AL AND I REMEMBER AND HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!!

    Also just simply going back and forth on a test track with factory settings no momentum or brake set up it's SOOOOO much better than the functions of the T1!
    - Started up with the alarm bell like real!
    - First speed step I heard the brake release!
    - It accelerated with the right sound and the prime mover sounded great!
    - Horn was just like I remember!
    - Even just slowing it down without the brake set up it felt and sounded real!
    - I hit emergency stop and it DIDN'T shut it down, but you good hear the air dump! PERFECT!

    Really great job!!!"

    -Ken J. Johnson, Hollywood Sound Designer
  • Customer Support
    We have a Customer Support Center staffed Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, a very informative website, top notch manuals, and a growing YouTube Series to help you get the most out of your SoundTraxx products.

    Here a customer summarizes his experience with our customer support and that of another decoder company.

    “FYI his manuals are garbage. I grab the [original] ones for the ver 4. His translations omit more info than what’s in [the other] manuals... Anybody who calls (my experience) is treated like an idiot. Thanks for the help. Was impressed with support email today.”
  • Our Support Staff
    “I called Josh on 9-4-18 and he helped me set up a SoundTraxx sound decoder. His attitude was great, I didn't feel like he rushed me, he answered every question I asked, and now I have a working MBTA cab car with working lights, horn, bell, and working ditch lights!!!

    Thanks Josh, I recommend every one to use and call for any support from SoundTraxx. Thanks again.”

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