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Sound Samples

All Econami versions include a selection of 16 whistles or airhorns, up to 7 bells, 3 couplers with glad hand release, brake squeal/release, and emergency brake application. Steam and diesel versions also include selectable exhaust chuffs or prime movers.

Also check out our quick references for Econami's sound selection CVs.

Diesel Sound Highlights

Featured Sound

Econami decoders for diesel locomotives include a selection of five popular prime movers and 16 airhorns to accommodate a number of models. The Diesel Econami features over 90 sound effects, including:

5 Prime Mover Selections
Play buttonEMD 567(non-turbo)
Play buttonEMD 645 (turbo)
Play buttonEMD 710 (turbo)
Play buttonGE FDL-16
Play buttonALCO 244
7 Bells
  • EMD
  • GE
  • ALCO
  • Electronic
  • Brass
  • Heavy Brass
  • Gong
16 Airhorns
  • Nathan K5LA
  • Nathan K5LLA
  • Nathan K5HL
  • Nathan P5
  • Nathan P3
  • Nathan M5
  • Nathan M3
  • Wabco E2
  • Wabco A2
  • Holden M3H
  • Holden K5H
  • Leslie A200
  • Leslie A125
  • Leslie A125/A200 Combo
  • Leslie S3L
  • Leslie S2M
2 Air Compressors
  • Engine-Driven
  • GE "Whooping"
Engine Startup, Shutdown and Exhaust (through 8 notches)
3 Couplers
  • Medium
  • Heavy
  • Link-and-Pin
Dynamic Brake
Radiator Fans
Poppet Valve
Emergency Brake Application
Brake Squeal/Release