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Sound Samples

All Econami versions include a selection of 16 whistles or airhorns, up to 7 bells, 3 couplers with glad hand release, brake squeal/release, and emergency brake application. Steam and diesel versions also include selectable exhaust chuffs or prime movers.

Also check out our quick references for Econami's sound selection CVs.

Steam Sound Highlights

Featured Sound | Light Steam

Econami decoders for steam locomotives include a selection of four popular exhaust chuffs and 16 whistles to accommodate a number of models. The steam Econami features over 90 sound effects, including:

8 Exhaust Chuff Selections (2-cylinder or articulated)
Play buttonLight Steam
Play buttonMedium Steam
Play buttonHeavy Steam
Play buttonGeared Steam
6 Bells
  • Heavy Brass
  • Light Brass
  • Medium Brass 1
  • Medium Brass 2
  • Light Steel
  • Air-Rung Heavy Brass
16 Whistles
Play buttonLunkenheimer Flat Top 3-Chime
Play buttonHancock Step Top 3-Chime
Play buttonBaldwin Single-Chime (5)
Play buttonB&M Step Top 5-Chime
Play buttonATSF Step Top 6-Chime
Play buttonB&O Step Top 3-Chime
Play buttonNathan Step Top 5-Chime (D&RGW #488)
Play buttonD&RGW Step Top 5-Chime (D&RGW #487)
Play buttonSP Step Top 6-Chime
Play buttonSouthern Flat Top 3-Chime (PS4)
Play buttonRound Top Single-Chime (Peanut)
Play buttonReading 6-Chime
Play buttonSP GS-4 #4449
Play buttonN&W Step Top 3-Chime (Class J #611)
Play buttonN&W Flat Top Single-Chime (Class A)
Play buttonLeslie A200 Airhorn (SP GS/AC Classes)
4 Airpumps
  • Single-Phase
  • Cross-Compound
  • Dual Single-Phase
  • Dual Cross-Compound
4 Dynamos
3 Couplers
  • Medium
  • Heavy
  • Link-and-Pin
Cylinder Cocks
Rod Clank
Johnson Bar
Emergency Brake Application
Brake Squeal/Release