About SoundTraxx Digital Sound Decoders

SoundTraxx has been designing, manufacturing and selling Digital Sound Decoders for Digital Command Control (DCC) longer than anyone. Since our first sound decoder in 1996, we have continued to improve our technology and offer the best value in sound systems for your DCC layout.

SoundTraxx Digital Sound Decoders follow NMRA Standards and Recommended Practices and are designed and manufactured at our factory in Durango, Colorado. We use the latest techniques in the building of our products and all SoundTraxx decoders are tested 100% for the best quality control in the industry.

Our sounds are recorded from the prototypes by our trained sound technicians, digitized for the best possible results in our custom sound lab, and integrated into our software so that you truly become the engineer.


Tsunami2 is a line of Digital Sound Decoders that is designed to enhance the modeler's experience and set a new industry standard for premium sound decoders. These premium decoders include, numerous new sound files and innovative features. Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoders also feature expansive memory that supports a variety of prototypes and accompanying sound effects in each decoder. Tsunami2 decoders bring more sounds, more features, more realism, and more fun to your model railroad!


Our Econami value line of sound decoders provides high-quality sound and an extensive array of features in a budget-friendly package. Econami is available in both steam and diesel versions to suit the most popular models.

Digital Sound Decoder Comparison Chart

The chart below outlines some of the key differences between our new line of Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoders, our value line of Econami Digital Sound Decoders, and the original Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders.

Tsunami2/Econami Comp Chart