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Electric Features

Tsunami2 electric sound decoders are full of new features including over 40 airhorns/ air whistles, 13 bells, 4 air compressors, traction motor whine, and the sound of the pantograph raising and lowering. Whether you are equipping a modern ACS-64 or an urban trolley, everything you need is here!

  • First ever Electric DDE with traction motor whine
  • Pantograph operation sounds
  • Over 40 airhorns/air whistle selections
  • Motorman Omura provides cab sounds, operates doors and services the engine
  • Catenary arcing sound and lighting effect
  • Selectable compressors, bells, and couplers
  • Clickety-clack and authentic cab chatter add realism
  • Trolley bell, stop requests, and door sounds for trolleys and traction models
  • Steam heat for authentic passenger train operation

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