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SoundTraxx has been providing sound to Bachmann Trains since 2006. Each Bachmann sound-equipped locomotive comes with multiple sound selections to allow you to customize the locomotive to your personal tastes or more closely match your prototype railroad. Bachmann sound-equipped locomotives include amazing features found in aftermarket SoundTraxx decoders, including 16-bit digital sound and advanced motor controls.

Econami DCC SoundValue

Beginning in late 2017, Bachmann offers Econami technology installed from the factory for select models. These models will include more features and Econami Documentation should be used for these products.

Some products will continue to be offered with SoundValue technology while others will transition from earlier Tsunami based technology throughout 2018.

Below are the Bachmann models that are currently equipped with Econami technology.

N Scale | Steam
2-8-0 Consolidation        

N Scale | Diesel