About Factory Installed Decoders

SoundTraxx has been designing and manufacturing superior sound products for 20 years! It is no wonder then, with our reputation in the industry and our proven longevity that our products can now be found installed in a variety of quality models. If you are already a SoundTraxx customer, you know the added value we bring to the model

If this is your first experience with our products, there are a few things you should know:

We partner with some of the finest model manufacturers in the industry to provide the best product we can within the confines of their specifications.
In 2017 Athearn is leading the way by releasing its first models factory equipped with our premium line of Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoders. Learn more on our Athearn page!
Most manufacturers are installing a 'Tsunami Technology' Digital Sound Decoder into their models. This may mean slightly different things to different companies.
If you have questions or need support, it is best to begin with the model manufacturer. They have been trained, by us, to help you and are in a better position to determine whether your question is model or decoder-related.

Factory Installed Decoders
Tsunami Technology
Our Manufacturers
Factory installed Tsunami, Tsunami2, or Econami Digital Sound Decoders, while manufactured and designed by SoundTraxx are made to order according to a set of specifications provided by each model maker. Therefore, specific sounds, number of functions, sounds and lighting effects for these decoders will differ based on manufacturer. 'Tsunami Technology' means that these manufacturers have elected to use a digital sound decoder based on our original Tsunami 16-bit Digital Sound Decoder. These decoders operate in both DC and DCC modes and provide many advanced motor control features and a variety of sound effects for your model railroad. On the left, you will find a list of manufacturers who use our products as their sound system of choice in some or all models. Wherever we can, we have provided the product documentation (not all documentation is written by SoundTraxx). We hope this helps you to understand the differences between various decoder models.