SoundTraxx Product Price List

Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoders

Dual-mode SoundTraxx Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoders include a full-featured sound system, Hyperlight lighting effects, Hyperdrive2 motor control, and a DCC decoder in an integrated unit.

TSU-1100 | TSU-2200 | TSU-21PNEM | TSU-PNP | TSU-4400

Tsunami2 TSU-1100 Digital Sound Decoders (1-amp)

The TSU-1100 is a micro 1-amp, universal-style Digital Sound Decoder. It is ideal for small models with minimal space. It includes an optional capacitor or can be wired to a CurrentKeeper (P.N. 810140) to maintain performance over dirty track and switches.

TSU-1100 Steam Digital Sound Decoder
884001 TSU-1100 Steam (Discontinued 08/2018)  
884006 TSU-1100 Steam-2 $129.95
TSU-1100 Diesel Digital Sound Decoders
885001 TSU-1100 EMD Diesels$129.95
885021 TSU-1100 EMD-2 Diesels $129.95
885002 TSU-1100 GE Diesels $129.95
885003 TSU-1100 ALCO Diesels $129.95
885004 TSU-1100 Baldwin & Other Diesels $129.95
TSU-1100 Electric Digital Sound Decoder
886001 TSU-1100 Electric $129.95
TSU-2200 Digital Sound Decoders (2-amp)

The TSU-2200 is a universal 2-amp Digital Sound Decoder. It is suitable for a wide variety of models from HO to S scale, and includes a connector to easily add a CurrentKeeper. It measures 35 x 18 x 6mm.

TSU-2200 Steam Digital Sound Decoder
P.N. Description MSRP
884002 TSU-2200 Steam (Discontinued 08/2018)  
884007 TSU-2200 Steam-2 $124.95
TSU-2200 Diesel Digital Sound Decoders
P.N. Description MSRP
885005 TSU-2200 EMD Diesels $124.95
885022 TSU-2200 EMD-2 Diesels $124.95
885006 TSU-2200 GE Diesels $124.95
885007 TSU-2200 ALCO Diesels $124.95
885008 TSU-2200 Baldwin & Other Diesels $124.95
TSU-2200 Electric Digital Sound Decoder
886002 TSU-2200 Electric $124.95
TSU-21PNEM Digital Sound Decoders (1-amp)

The TSU-21PNEM is a 1-amp Digital Sound Decoder with six function outputs designed for easy plug-in operation when mated to a 21-pin NEM connector.

TSU-21PNEM Steam Digital Sound Decoder
P.N. Description MSRP
884003 TSU-21PNEM Steam (Discontinued 08/2018)  
884008 TSU-21PNEM Steam-2 $109.95
TSU-21PNEM Diesel Digital Sound Decoders
P.N. Description MSRP
885009 TSU-21PNEM EMD Diesels $109.95
885023 TSU-21PNEM EMD-2 Diesels $109.95
885010 TSU-21PNEM GE Diesels $109.95
885011 TSU-21PNEM ALCO Diesels $109.95
885012 TSU-21PNEM Baldwin & Other Diesels $109.95
TSU-21PNEM Electric Digital Sound Decoder
P.N. Description MSRP
886003 TSU-21PNEM Electric $109.95
TSU-PNP Digital Sound Decoders (2-amp)

The TSU-PNP universal-style 2-amp Digital Sound Decoder suitable for a wide variety of models from HO to S scale, and it includes a connector to easily add a CurrentKeeper.

TSU-PNP Diesel Digital Sound Decoders
P.N. Description MSRP
885013 TSU-PNP EMD Diesels $109.95
885024 TSU-PNP EMD-2 Diesels $109.95
885014 TSU-PNP GE Diesels $109.95
885015 TSU-PNP ALCO Diesels $109.95
885016 TSU-PNP Baldwin & Other Diesels $109.95
TSU-4400 Digital Sound Decoders (4-amp)

The TSU-4400 is a universal-style, 4-amp Digital Sound Decoder with 6 function outputs.

TSU-4400 Steam Digital Sound Decoders
P.N. Description MSRP
884005 TSU-4400 Steam (Discontinued 08/2018)  
884009 TSU-4400 Steam-2 $179.95
TSU-4400 Diesel Digital Sound Decoders
P.N. Description MSRP
885017 TSU-4400 EMD Diesels $179.95
885025 TSU-4400 EMD-2 Diesels $179.95
885018 TSU-4400 GE Diesels $179.95
885019 TSU-4400 ALCO Diesels $179.95
885020 TSU-4400 Baldwin & Other Diesels $179.95
TSU-4400 Steam Digital Sound Decoders
P.N. Description MSRP
886005 TSU-4400 Electric $179.95
Tsunami SoundCar Digital Sound Decoder

The Tsunami SoundCar Digital Sound Decoder produces sounds for rolling stock, such as clickety-clack, brake squeals, coupler clanks, and generators. It also has four Hyperlight-equipped outputs for interior and exterior lights. These universal-style decoders are easy to install in N - G scales and work with 8-ohm speakers. The SoundCar also includes a quick-plug for adding an optional CurrentKeeper.

829100 Tsunami SoundCar Digital Sound Decoder $59.95
810141 SoundTraxx IC Wand - For use with Intelligent Consisting. 5.5” long.$8.95
Econami Digital Sound Decoders

The Econami value line of Digital Sound Decoders provides 16-bit sound, Hyperlight lighting effects, and Hyperdrive2 advanced motor control for steam, diesel or electric locomotives. Steam and diesel versions include selectable chuffs or prime movers. Use with any 8-ohm speaker.


ECO-21PNEM Digital Sound Decoders (1-amp)

NEM 21-pin format with six lighting outputs and a 2W audio amplifier.
Measures 30.5 x 15.5 x 6.5mm.

P.N. Description MSRP
881006 ECO-21PNEM Steam $79.95
882006 ECO-21PNEM Diesel $79.95
ECO-PNP Digital Sound Decoders (2-amp)

Plug and play format with six lighting outputs and a 2W audio amplifier.
Measures 73.6 x 16.7 x 4.8mm.

882004 ECO-PNP Diesel $79.95
DCC Mobile Decoders

SoundTraxx DCC Mobile Decoders provide high-performance Hyperdrive with back-EMF motor control and 14 Hyperlight lighting effects for models that do not exceed a 1-amp stall current.

851001 MC1Z102P6 - N/Z, 13 x 9 x 3mm, 2-Function, 6-Pin, DCC $26.95
851002 MC1Z102SQ - N/Z, 13 x 9 x 3mm, 2-Function, Universal, DCC $27.95
852001 MC1H102P8 - HO, 17 x 17 x 7mm, 2-Function, NMRA 8-Pin, DCC $19.95
852002 MC2H104AT - HO, 74 x 17 x 3mm, 4-Function, Atlas-Style, DC/DCC $25.95
852003 MC2H104OP - HO, 25 x 16 x 6mm, 4-Function, JST to NMRA 8-Pin, DC/DCC $27.95
852004 MC2H104P9 - HO, 25 x 16 x 6mm, 4-Function, Universal, DC/DCC $26.95
Accessory Lighting Decoders

SoundTraxx Accessory Lighting Decoders are designed to fit Blackstone Models HOn3 rolling stock. These decoders offer flicker-free operation in DC and DCC, and they include three onboard golden-white LEDs.

810136Blackstone Models HOn3 Jackson and Sharp Passenger Coach Accessory Lighting Decoder $39.95
810137 Blackstone Models HOn3 Long Caboose Accessory Lighting Decoder $39.95
SurroundTraxx Multi-Train Sound System for DCC

SurroundTraxx gives you the realism of high-fidelity sound moving with your train as it travels about the layout without installing speakers onboard the engine. SurroundTraxx includes sounds for a wide variety of steam and diesel prototypes and can produce sounds for up to six different locomotives simultaneously.

840001SurroundTraxx DSP-80 $595.00
Accessory Products

SoundTraxx has a complete line of accessories available for your system. All of our accessories are for use with any of our systems, unless otherwise noted.

DCC Accessories | Speakers | Installation Accessories

DCC Accessories

The following accessories are designed to facilitate your sound decoder installation, testing and programming.

810140 CurrentKeeper 40 x 6 x 11mm, maintains decoder performance during brief power interruptions. $29.95
829002 PTB-100 Programming Track Booster$59.95

SoundTraxx carries a large variety of speakers to suit almost any installation. Choose the biggest speaker you can fit for the best possible results.

Miniature Speakers
810053 20mm Round, 8 Ohm Speaker $10.95
810054 28mm Round, 8 Ohm Speaker $10.95
810078 40 x 28.5mm Oval, 8 Ohm Speaker $14.50
810089 15mm Round, 8 Ohm Speaker $10.95
810090 50 x 90mm Oval, 8 Ohm Speaker $16.50
810103 40 x 20mm Oval, 8 Ohm Speaker $14.50
810112 25 x 14mm Oval, 8 Ohm Speaker $14.50
810113 35 x 16mm Oval, 8 Ohm Speaker $14.50
810114 30mm Round, 8 Ohm Speaker $10.95
810115 35 x 20mm Oval, 8 Ohm Speaker $14.50
810153 28mm Round, 8 Ohm (2 Watt) Speaker $11.95
810154 15 x 12 x 11.5mm Mini Cube Speaker with Baffle $13.95
810155 13 x 9 x 8.5mm Mini Cube 2 Speaker with Baffle $13.95
Specialty Speakers

The following speakers are designed to reproduce more of the low-end bass sounds that are particularly noticeable in large steam engines and many diesels. These speakers are generally deeper (note ALL dimensions!), but can provide extremely satisfying results in the right models. Great woofers in two-speaker installations.

810129 23mm Square x 10.2mm (D), 8 Ohm Mega Bass Speaker $10.95
810130 27mm Round x 14.3mm (D), 8 Ohm Mega Bass Speaker $10.95
810131 28mm Square x 11.2mm (D), 8 Ohm Mega Bass Speaker $10.95
Installation Accessories
Speaker Baffle and Gasket Kits

Speaker baffles are designed to enhance the volume and clarity of any speaker installation. Most baffle kits simply snap together; locomotive-specific kits require some assembly. Speaker gasket kits allow for neat and easy speaker mounting.

81010815mm Speaker Baffle Kit $3.50
810109 20mm Speaker Baffle Kit $3.50
810110 28mm Speaker Baffle Kit $3.50
810118 20mm Speaker Gasket Kit (Pkg. of 4) $5.00
810119 28mm Speaker Gasket Kit (Pkg. of 4) $5.00
810120 40 x 20mm Speaker Gasket Kit (Pkg. of 4) $5.00
810121 25 x 14mm Speaker Gasket Kit (Pkg. of 4) $5.00
810138 35 x 16mm Speaker Gasket Kit (Pkg. of 4) $5.00
810139 40 x 28.5mm Speaker Gasket Kit (Pkg. of 4) $5.00
Lighting Products

These accessories are perfect for replacements or for taking advantage of the Hyperlight lighting effects in our Digital Sound Decoders.

810025 2.2mm Microbulb 6-Pack, 1.5 Volts, 35mA $16.50
810133 3mm LED 6-Pack, Sunny White, 3.3 Volts $13.95
810134 3mm LED 6-Pack, Golden White, 3.3 Volts $13.95
Wiring Aids

These products help with the installation of your digital sound decoders.

810012 2-Pin Microconnector Kit: Enables speakers to be easily disconnected from locomotive wiring. $4.00
810036 Insulative Tubing: 24" of 24 Gauge Tubing $5.00
810037 Shrink Tube Assortment: 6" Each of 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", and 1/4" Diameter Tubing $8.00
810038 Exhaust Cam Set: A quick and easy way to install cams for
cam-synchronized exhaust.
810058 Micro-Mini Connectors: 10-Pack of 025" Diameter Pins and Mating Receptacles $11.00
810068 Replacement Tsunami Speaker Harness, Steam: 3-Wire to JST Speaker and Cam Harness $5.50
810069 Replacement Tsunami Power Harness, Steam and Diesel: 9-Wire to JST Power Harness $10.00
810091 Replacement Tsunami Speaker Harness, Diesel: 2-Wire to JST Speaker Harness $5.50
810123 NMRA-Compatible 8-Pin Connector, Male (Pkg. of 4) $8.00
810128 Tsunami 220µF Replacement Capacitor $0.75
810132 DBX-9000 Locomotive-to-Tender Wiring Kit: Quick-disconnect harness assembly for separating locomotive from tender $17.95
810135 9-Pin JST to NMRA 8-Pin Wiring Harness $8.95
810142 Ultra-Flexible 30AWG Wire, Black, 10' length $4.95
810143 Ultra-Flexible 30AWG Wire, Orange, 10' length $4.95
810144 Ultra-Flexible 30AWG Wire, Purple, 10' length $4.95
810145 Ultra-Flexible 30AWG Wire, Gray, 10' length $4.95
810146 Ultra-Flexible 30AWG Wire, White, 10' length $4.95
810147 Ultra-Flexible 30AWG Wire, Green/Yellow Stripe, 10' length $4.95
810148 Ultra-Flexible 30AWG Wire, Blue, 10' length $4.95
810149 Ultra-Flexible 30AWG Wire, Red, 10' length $4.95
810150 Ultra-Flexible 30AWG Wire, Brown, 10' length $4.95
810151 Ultra-Flexible 30AWG Wire, Yellow, 10' length $4.95
810152 Ultra-Flexible 30AWG Wire, Green, 10' length $4.95
810156 ECO-100/TSU-1100 8-Pin Power Harness $8.95
810157 Econami/Tsunami2 4-Pin Speaker Harness $7.95
810158 CurrentKeeper 2-Pin Harness $7.50
810159 JST-21PNEM Adapter $13.95