The SoundTraxx Sound Primer



Our Sound Primer will help you understand how sound works so you can get the most out of your SoundTraxx onboard sound system.

As model railroaders, we are trying to create a miniature world that is as realistic as our abilities allow. But no matter how detailed a model is, something is missing as our trains go silently down the track -- sound.

Real locomotives don't have Pittman motors in the cab. They are real working machines -- a symphony of sounds! Little kids realize this and try to make up for it by making "chuff, chuff" and "woo, woo" noises when they see a model train roll by. As adults this is: A) Not particularly satisfying and B) Potentially embarrassing if we are overheard!

Good news! We have designed and produced a wide range of options for creating realistic sound effects while preserving your dignity. However, a bad installation can cause problems, so listen up while we provide insights into SoundTraxx sound system technology and show you how to properly apply it.