The SoundTraxx Sound Primer


Installing Sound

Practical Tips for a Successful Sound Installation
As manufacturers, we are often asked, “How hard is it to install a sound system?”  The answer is, “It depends.” And what it depends on most is the skill of the individual doing the installation. The installer should have some basic modeling skills and be comfortable disassembling a locomotive, and be able to identify key wires such as power pickup and motor leads. An individual who has never taken apart a locomotive will have a harder time installing sound than someone who has taken his 2-6-0 completely apart and rebuilt it into a 4-8-4.

Modeling skills aside, the mechanics of installing sound is straightforward but often involves some cutting and drilling to the original model. If you aren’t comfortable with this idea, you should probably refer the work to a professional.

Detailed instructions and wiring diagrams for installing Tsunami2 or Econami Digital Sound Decoders can be found in our Installation guide.