SoundTraxx Customer Support Center

Welcome to the SoundTraxx online Customer Support Center. If your product is not behaving as expected, please start by visiting our Troubleshooting section. Should it be determined that you need to send your item in for service, please visit the Product Repair page for instructions.

We check our email every weekday so if you do not hear back from us please check your spam folders or give us a call.

SoundTraxx Guided Self Help

If you need help on the weekend or holiday, don't worry! We have several resources to help you find answers on your own.

Our YouTube Channel can be very helpful for hands on demonstrations and explanations of our product features. Our channel is packed with helpful videos, and there are new videos every week. These videos can serve as a quick reference to how and why our features work the way they do. Just follow the steps below to find videos that can help you!

1. Search SoundTraxx on YouTube to find our Channel. Or link to our YouTube channel in the footer of our website.

2. Browse through our latest videos to help you find new product features, tips and tricks.

3. Find topics easily by using our video playlists that group videos based on product category.

Featured Support Videos this week:

We also offer an extensive library of documentation for all of our products. Below is a list of the types of documentation that we provide to help our customers get the most out of their products. For more detail follow the links below or visit the Manuals section of our website.

  The Manuals section contains Quick Start Guides, User's Guides, Technical References, and Sound Selection References for our products.  
  Reference Documents
  The Reference Documents section contains a DCC glossary and soldering guide, a guide to product identification, and wiring references.
  Technical Notes
  The Technical Notes section contains detailed information and tips related to speakers, lights, and installation methods.
  Application Notes
  The Application Notes section contains model-specific installation guides and wiring diagrams for various manufacturers.

Sales Inquiries

If you need help selecting a product please contact our sales staff at

Factory-Installed Support Information

If you are looking for support regarding information and programming of locomotive models which came with a SoundTraxx product preinstalled, please visit the Factory-Installed Decoders page. If you are looking for repair or warranty work for these products, please contact the locomotive model manufacturer for further assistance.

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