Sound Decoder Troubleshooting Tips

You are not alone, everyone has trouble with their decoder form time to time. On this page, you will find several tips and tricks that can help you solve some simple problems that you may encounter. The links below group these tips into common categories to help you find your solution quickly. If you cannot solve your problem with the information here, we also provide a variety of reference documents and manuals that can be found in the Manuals section of our website. For further support you can contact our Support Staff who are always willing to help.


Locomotive will not run

  • The primary (CV 1) or extended (CVs 17-18) address has been changed
  • CV 19 (Consist Address) has been set to a non-zero value
  • The value of CV 29 (Configuration Data 1) has been changed to select a different address mode
  • Acceleration (CV 3) and deceleration (CV 4) rates have been set to too high
  • Cab is in consist mode
  • CVs 10 (EMF Feedback Cut-out) and 212 (BEMF Feedback Intensity) have been set to 0
  • Decoder is wired incorrectly
  • Loose wire in power harness (verify the Pilot LED is on when decoder receives power)
  • Locomotive is on a DC-powered track with analog mode disabled in CV 29
  • Broken motor wire or track pickup wire