SurroundTraxx DSP-80
Multi-Train Sound System for DCC

So Advanced It's Wired to the Future!

SurroundTraxx is a major breakthrough in sound systems for model trains! For the first time, a sound system has been designed with multiple trains in mind. SurroundTraxx gives you the realism of high-fidelity sound moving with the train as it travels about the layout, without installing speakers onboard the engine.

SurroundTraxx works with a multiplicity of audio speakers that are strategically placed in hidden locations around the layout. Using the latest digital signal processing (DSP) technology and advanced block detection techniques, SurroundTraxx faithfully reproduces the sounds made by each train on the layout and directs the sound to the speaker closest to the train's location. As a train moves along its route, SurroundTraxx makes continuous adjustments to the sound level of each speaker so that the sound appears to follow the train around the layout.

SurroundTraxx does not simply switch the sound from speaker to speaker. It uses an intelligent cross-fade algorithm that factors in train speed, direction, and distance between speakers. The sound makes a smooth transition as your train travels from one sound zone to the next without abrupt pops or thumps.

  • DCC surround-sound system for your layout
  • Suitable for all scales -- N through G!
  • Sounds interact and “move” with your trains; no onboard speakers necessary
  • Use with any 8-ohm speaker (or subwoofer for lower frequencies)
  • Six sound channels support six different “sound zones” on your layout
  • Simultaneous sound operations for up to six trains to be dispatched at once
  • Memory storage for up to 99 locomotive profiles
  • An extensive sound library to closely match all popular steam and diesel prototypes
  • Ambient effects such as echo and reverb