SurroundTraxx Frequently Asked Questions

If you hook one speaker to SurroundTraxx, and an identical speaker to a Tsunami decoder, will the sound output of SurroundTraxx be equal to that of the Tsunami?
No, SurroundTraxx provides a larger audio amplifier then that of the Tsunami.  SurroundTraxx outputs are rated for up to 25-watt speakers. 

Can I load my own sound files into SurroundTraxx?
No, SurroundTraxx comes with an extensive sound library that allows you to fully customize your locomotives.  Inside this library are over 10,000 different sound combinations of horns/whistles, bells, compressors, couplers, and prime movers/exhaust chuffs.

How do I configure the locomotives?

SurroundTraxx has an internal database called the Roundhouse. You will configure, customize and store the settings for each locomotive here. You will then assign these settings to the same address as your locomotive’s mobile decoder. This will ensure that SurroundTraxx dispatches the sounds for that locomotive at the same time that you run your model.

How are the locomotives assigned to a consist?
Locomotives stored inside SurroundTraxx don’t get assigned to a consist like mobile decoders.  However, if you run a set of locomotives together, SurroundTraxx will dispatch each one as they are selected so they will make sound at the same time. Up to six locomotives can make sound at once. 

Is the Roundhouse the ONLY way to configure the locomotives?
No, the locomotive can also be configured using Ops mode programming with your DCC cab.

Is any power drawn from the track power while SurroundTraxx is in operation?
No, SurroundTraxx has its own external power supply and does not affect your track voltage outputs.

Will SurroundTraxx affect my onboard decoders?
No, SurroundTraxx doesn’t send any signals through the rail on your layout.  It instead receives the same information that’s going to your track, so it will not affect any decoders installed on your layout.  Only your command station will send DCC packets to your decoders.

Can I run a locomotive with an onboard decoder at the same time as SurroundTraxx?  Can I configure my onboard sound decoders to work with SurroundTraxx?
Yes, SurroundTraxx will work at the same time as an onboard decoder without affecting it.  The two can be used in conjunction by adjusting individual volumes on both your SurroundTraxx unit and any SoundTraxx Tsunami Digital Sound Decoder.  That can create an interesting effect; for example turning the volume of the horn and bell up in the sound decoder, down in SurroundTraxx, while adding volume to the low frequency sounds, such as a diesel prime mover in SurroundTraxx in order to take advantage of the larger speakers.

How many locomotives on the layout can have sound through SurroundTraxx at one time?
SurroundTraxx provides sound for up to six locomotives at a time.

How many locomotives can be stored in the SurroundTraxx roundhouse at a time?
The Roundhouse in SurroundTraxx can store up to 99 locomotives at a time. You can also delete and add locomotives as you choose, making it easy to add a visiting piece of equipment to your pike.

Will SurroundTraxx play sound for more than one locomotive in a sound zone at the same time?
Yes, SurroundTraxx follows each locomotive around the layout, therefore it will produce sound for each of the six locomotives regardless of whether they are all in the same zone or spread throughout the layout.  This can make some really cool effects as trains pass each other on the main.

Can I have more then six sound zones?
There are only six sound zones available per SurroundTraxx system. If more then six sound zones are desired then the addition of another SurroundTraxx system is required.

Is there a limit to the number of SurroundTraxx systems I can link together?
No, you may, however, want to have more then one subwoofer if you get beyond two SurroundTraxx systems in a layout.

If I have more than one SurroundTraxx system, can I move the Roundhouse information from one system to another?
No, you will have to manually enter the settings into each system.