SurroundTraxx Sound Library

SurroundTraxx comes preloaded with it's own sound library built from the quality sound files users have come to expect from SoundTraxx. Containing both diesel and steam prime movers, air horns, whistles, bells, exhaust chuffs and more, this library gives the user the ability to customize the sounds of their locomotives.

If you aren't sure how to "build" your locomotive from the menu of sounds, start by visiting the section on our website about choosing the right sounds for your model. Selecting the Right Sounds for your Steam Locomotive will give you some insight into matching the available sounds to your steam engine. Selecting the Right Sound for your Diesel Locomotive will likewise point you in the right direction for your diesel models, beginning with matching the prime mover to the model. For those who want to further match the sounds to their prototype railroad, our Locomotive Airhorn History will prove invaluable.

Please use the links below to access the complete list of sounds available for selection.

Steam Sound Effects

Diesel Sound Effects